Apples Varieties We Grow In The Orchards

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Along with the ever-popular McIntosh, we also have many other varieties of apples.

Variety Approximate ripening dates (Vary each season)
Noted for its unique white gold porcelain colour and for its outstanding texture and flavour.
End of August to Mid-September
Large and crisp; tart at first, sweetens in storage. We make all our pies with it.
Labour Day to September 23
Distinctive crisp texture, aromatic, juicy and a slightly acidic and sweet taste. Flesh is cream coloured. Best eaten fresh. Stores very well.
September 17
Originated at 1800 as a chance seedling by John McIntosh of Dundela, Ontario. Excellent for eating fresh, baking pies and sauces. Best all-purpose apple.
Mid-September to Mid-October
Cross between the McIntosh and Newtown; originated in British Columbia. Medium size, red variety. Good fresh from hand; makes pie filling, too.
Mid-September to Mid-October
Mild, sweet taste and crisp texture. Excellent for salads and fruit plates; resists browning. Good for pies and sauces.
Late September to Mid October
Cross between the McIntosh and Red Delicious. Slightly tart; juicy, firm and crisp. Ideal for snacks; makes great applesauce.
Late September to Mid October
Honey Gold
A yellow Golden Delicious type apple. Sweet and crisp, used for fresh eating, pies, salads and sauces.
October 1
Juicy, firm, crisp and resistant to bruising and stores well. Resists browning after cutting, making it good for salads, and desserts.
Mid to late September
A cross between Red and Golden Delicious. Cream coloured flesh, sweet, crisp and juicy with a distinctive honeyed aroma. Hold their shape in pies.
October 8
Golden Delicious
Excellent for eating fresh and one of the best baking apples for pies, apple sauce or apple butter.
October 8

Take Home Some of the Orchard!

Our Famous Cider Doughnuts

(Doughnuts served weekends only)

The unique doughnuts you will never forget which will make you come back for more

Pre-picked Apples

If for some reason you cannot pick your own apples, we have many varieties already picked in bags

Cold Apple Cider

By the glass or the jug, delicious cold or heated up with a dash of cinnamon or blend of spices

Apple Pies

Nothing says apples like good old apple pies. Baked and ready to eat or frozen to take home and share with loved ones

Apple Crisp

Something different than apple pies but just as delicious, our apple crisp will please your taste buds and make you not want to share

Apple Chips and Caramel Chips

Healthier than a bag of “you know what”, kids love them

Candy Apples and Caramel Apples

Not that good for your hips but sooo good for the soul

Drinks and Apple Jelly

Local Honey & Other Preserves

Try Our Time-Tested Recipes in Your Kitchen

From Mulled Cider to Cider Pound Cake, you'll find a family favourite!


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